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You can filter your search based on several fields, including:. The only downside to this is that while OurTime gives you several ways by which you can find other members, you can't contact them freely. To send messages to other members, you need an OurTime premium membership. Free users are limited to sending "Flirts" to members they are interested in. Profiles offer a lot of information about their members; of course, it is up to the user if they want to disclose that information with the public or not.

Profile fields and text boxes are all optional, and they can be filled out a little bit at a time. Profile information can be changed anytime the user wishes. Profiles, when filled up properly, offer a lot of insight into the mind of the user. The site doesn't have a system in place that verifies whether or not the information stated on the website is accurate. Assuming that all info on the profile is legitimate, it is possible to know enough about a person to see whether or not they would be a good match.

It is possible to find real dates in OurTime. The only problem is that because of the site's target group, there are a lot of scammers creating fake profiles in order to take advantage of the site's users and try to steal money from them. It is advisable that users of the website exercise caution, and never send money to anybody they meet on the site.

At first glance, an app for a dating site that caters to people over the age of 50 might seem impractical, but the app has seen a lot of usage and downloads since its launch. To be fair, the app's design and layout complements the site's target group, with visible fonts and accessible menus. Although it doesn't offer anything new in terms of features, it offers a chance for its members to use the site even while lying down or reclined on a chair. At first, I felt that looking for someone new would mean cheating on my husband's memory, but 2 years as a widow have been nothing but pure loneliness.

I'm still in good shape, and I still love going out to cafes, theatres and parks. However, I did not want to do it alone anymore. Through OurTime, I met Rick, who was a widower with 2 grown children. After 3 months of talking in chat, he finally wanted to meet and we had a lovely evening - a nice dinner and a walk may seem like an ordinary date to anybody else, but to me it felt as if I was young again.

Because of OurTime, I found my constant companion, dear friend and lifetime partner. The website's layout is neat and organized. All features are easily accessible through the side and top navigational menus. The design is very functional and user-friendly, which is extremely important for a website that has people over the age of 50 for a target group.

Ourtime.com Overview

The main difference between the standard subscription and the value subscription is that the latter has the following additional perks:. The token system is the online dating website's currency system. Aside from purchasing a paid subscription, users can pay for individual perks by purchasing tokens and spending them on the services such as:. Subscription payments are renewed automatically.

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If you want to cancel your subscription, you must do so manually through your account settings. OurTime has several features which can increase your enjoyment of their dating service. These features help users find matches easier and increase their overall visibility on the site. I don't appreciate trickery in signing p for more than I agreed to.

Hi, I started a profile - when I saw the cost of the 1 month membership I stopped. As a pensioner I cannot afford the I have received your e mail and that is not my issue. I have once again put my about me profile in and pushed submit and it wont let me. When i go to my profile and put it all in about me and who i am looking for it wont save it. I never had problems before. I do like this site and pay for its services please fix this issue.. My name is Robert T. I signed up for a three Month subscription with OurTime this AM but have been charged for a six month subscription.

I do not not desire nor did I want a six month subscription. Also, I decline Automatic Renewal. Please adjust and credit accordingly, or I will need cancel the entire transaction. Hi I signed on yesterdaymy first time on a dating website--wanted to try O r Time for the 30 day free trial, filled in the info, sensed that I needed to give the credit card info to get into the system, however, now have a six mos. How can I cancel this and merely try this.

Our time dating site customer service phone number

I am not that comfortable with this whole online idea, its a bit overwhelming for me! Please remove my name and I don't want to be billed automatic from my credit card I signed for one trial month now I have to go the hoops to cancel very dissatisfied with the on line service I believe this is all a scam, first time going on the web page Please cancel my account and I'm calling my credit card not to accept your charged anymore, scammers you guys are going to be investigated by the BBB and shut down you scammers.

Hi I recently paid for another month. Now I'm getting all of these " up Grade promotions" I don't want to upgrade. I do want to be able to see my flirts, favorites and the profiles. I can't see them only the add to upgrade when I hit those buttons. Yes I have a profile on Or Time but I am having problems deleting my profile.

I have only a tablet since my divorce so I will need help deleting this account. I was given a reference number of X Due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to Avail myself of these services. Thank you for your assistance in the resolution of this problem.

It told me to click onto a site, and immediately the screen went red and computer warned me it was dangerous and not to go there! I changed my password. Please advise what I need to do next. I can not set up the accounts because it say I have an account already. My Gmail address is "gkibodeaux aol" and do not know the password. I am wanting to be able to log on to this account will you be able to help with this..

Please cancel my account ASAP. I found I have cancer and can't share my life like this. Please do not bill me any further. Thank you in advance.

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Hello I'm Oakland 23 I'm notifying you to advise that I would like to cancel my membership without renewal please email me to confirm my cancellation thank you so much. Do not charge anymore to my account thanks again.. Conatct detail of Ourtime. Click here to Update. Identify call type Click on the type of call you are receiving to help identify the caller.

Posted on Jan 15, at Posted on May 20, at I want to cancel.

OurTime Reviews UK - 12222

Can't even get to phone Posted on Apr 04, at Not an approved debit Teresa Knight says: Posted on Apr 03, at I have a plan B Posted on Mar 29, at I have pt in contless information and cannot log in Posted on Mar 17, at Technical difficlties Margaret Whitson says: Posted on Mar 17, at Change Vicki macqarrie says: Posted on Mar 16, at Posted on Mar 15, at Several Robert Baker says: Posted on Mar 11, at Cancel my accont Gloria Wallace says: Posted on Mar 04, at Posted on Mar 03, at Ref Kimberly Taylor says: Thank yo Posted on Mar 01, at Signing in Alan says: Posted on Feb 28, at Have not been able to use Dee Baute says: I have been a paid not member for close to a month now and have not been able to sign on to this account I am very very upset disgusted and angry my name is D bauty my username is Sweet Dee you better fix this problem ASAP and give me credit for at least 1 month payment Posted on Feb 28, at Cancellation Dianna Jackson says: Thank you, Dianna Jackson Posted on Feb 28, at Cancellation Katie Borkowski says: Posted on Feb 27, at Posted on Feb 26, at Not reliable data David Maynard says: Posted on Feb 25, at Posted on Feb 24, at Cancel after March 8th Cindi Hoppes says: Posted on Feb 14, at Refund Grace Kelley says: Thank you Grace Kelley Posted on Feb 07, at Posted on Feb 06, at I want to cancel, ASAP.

I followed all the steps, to no avail. Posted on Jan 28, at Resetting password Michael Folks says: Posted on Jan 19, at Posted on Jan 17, at Disgrace Posted on Dec 27, at Unwanted charge Linda Eckhardt says: Posted on Dec 26, at Screwed by People Media Patrick Benac says: Posted on Dec 14, at Posted on Dec 07, at Helen Posted on Dec 01, at Charged but no access Mary says: Posted on Nov 29, at Erroneous activity today Linda Hopkins says: Help Lynne B Lindermeier says: Posted on Nov 02, at Posted on Oct 15, at I'm simply trying to access my profile on ortime and edit it Posted on Oct 07, at Posted on Sep 17, at Posted on Sep 05, at Cancel my subscription immediately, I do not want to correspond with anymore, creeps, scammers, liars, cheats, thank you Your chat is bad The men are terrible Don't waste my time or yours Cancel as of today Posted on Jan 14, at Posted on Dec 11, at Asking for the option on site KC says: Kfmzee4 Posted on Dec 03, at Issue of refund Karen caravantes says: Posted on Nov 22, at Need to fix the account Amy says: Posted on Nov 21, at Looking for live person in service RonWJ says: Posted on Nov 20, at Asking for refund Shirley Stone Jones says: Posted on Nov 19, at Request to cancel the service after one month lauriedoland says: Need account cancellation lauriedoland says: Need to talk with live person Diane Robbins says: Posted on Nov 16, at Need account cancellation Gloria osmer says: Looking for cancellation Tia L Moore says: Got extra charged for service Marie s says: Posted on Nov 06, at Need to join site katarina ivanko says: Posted on Nov 01, at Hacking issue Dorry Cook says: Posted on Oct 30, at Looking for renewal on specific criteria Barbara says: Posted on Oct 29, at Need money back in account Beth Pollack says: Thank you, Beth Pollack Posted on Oct 27, at Issue with site fuctioning ldd says: Posted on Oct 23, at Need assistance Patty says: Need assistance Melody Williams says: Posted on Oct 19, at Query about message deleting Peggy M White says: Posted on Oct 16, at Hacking issue Doug Sanderson says: Doug Sanderson Posted on Oct 14, at Cancel the account and refund Julie Brower says: Posted on Oct 12, at Posted on Oct 09, at Posted on Oct 08, at Stella Posted on Oct 06, at Posted on Oct 04, at Posted on Oct 03, at Posted on Oct 01, at Posted on Sep 26, at Posted on Sep 25, at Faye Guieb Posted on Sep 23, at Karm Sunday Posted on Sep 17, at Posted on Sep 15, at Posted on Sep 11, at Posted on Sep 10, at If you are sold on these pointless benefits, visit the subscription section to sign up to them.

After signing up to OurTime you will be taken to a payment page, don't sign up straight away. Take some time to look around. I thought it would be useful to point out what you can do without paying a penny:. That being said, you an still use the site on your laptop or tablet easily. The app will be available soon, I m told an when it does it will be free to sue, much like how the Match.

Member Structure

OurTime seem to be easy ish to contact. I have an issue with my membership and they were quite responsive to help out, so overall I would say their customer service is acceptable. The easiest way to get a free trial membership is to take advantage of the 14 day money back guarantee. The refund isn't a full amount, but a pro rata amount and you MUST contact them via the online 'contact us' form on their site, once you are logged in. To keep it short and sweet - just use Match. Because they are owed by the same company, they have the same number of members.

To ensure all users feel safe and comfortable you have the option to blacklist or report members if you feel anything inappropriate is happening. By blacklisting a profile you wont be able to contact them and they will not see you or be able to contact you again. Ourtime are recognised by the Online Dating association as a reputable provider.

OurTime Phone Number 33 80 Because the site is owed by Match.

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The users of both Match. Have you used OurTime and want to share your experiences? Then please leave your review below and help someone decide what to do.

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No one remotely compatible anywhere near me. Messaging etc very clunky. Indicates how small active membership must be and how badly administered the site is. Ourtime is simply a subset of Match with the under 50s filtered out. You can be paying a subscription to both sites and getting access to exactly the same members. I discovered this when I got talking to a lady I met on Ourtime, but during our conversation it emerged that she had found me on Match. Ourtime is a con.