My ex dating ugly girl

Originally Posted by Hot Chick. He is probably more attracted to brains than physical beauty. In the end, a guy wants to be with someone he is emotionally and intellectually connected to. Also did you see the thread on makeup? She very well is probably a 9 or 10 once she pulls herself together.

Also, apparently he likes "skinny" girls. Maybe you are too big for his personal tastes I'm sure the answer is within my responses somewhere, or a combination of some or all the above. Originally Posted by irma. Maybe you are too big for his personal tastes. Originally Posted by oaks. It says something about you that you care who your ex is dating. I straight up told her "I chose to be with her instead of you, so that's not saying much about yourself!

He's probably thinking the same thing She is probably WAY hotter than you when she does her makeup and preps. I assume that is why he wanted to bring her out. I would bet he was surprised she didn't get all dressed up. The guy dumped you for a reason Just imagine how bad you would look with such little effort. I bet way worse judging by this guys actions. All times are GMT The time now is The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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Contact Us - LoveShack. Add Thread to del. Ex dating unattractive girl. Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Things not working out the way you had hoped? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! Page 1 of 5. Originally Posted by Hot Chick Sorry but as much as you think she is physically unattractive, you ex- boyfriend finds your personality and insides just as unattractive.


My ex dating ugly girl - Single Pattern

Originally Posted by irma Very confused. Originally Posted by Hot Chick He is probably more attracted to brains than physical beauty. Sorry to say 8 is not exactly thin Originally Posted by irma It has however made me feel a hell of a lot better about myself!! Originally Posted by oaks It says something about you that you care who your ex is dating.

Originally Posted by Hot Chick Sorry to say 8 is not exactly thin I just don't think you're jealous. You need to just forget about it and move on with your life. Simonthegrey September 15, , 7: I would also like to say that I love when Guy Friday answers things, not only because his answers tend to make sense to me, but also because I get to see his magnificent avatar.

Maybe he purposely sought out behaviors and characteristics that are different than you because he wanted a change. Maybe it was subconscious. Maybe it was neither of those reasons. I do feel bad for you LW, we are taught to hate the people that replace us, because if you were so wonderful he would never have left you, right? Use the time to find more hobbies, new people, and new places. Lynn September 11, , 3: I think a lot of people have asked this question. Budj September 11, , 3: Diablo September 11, , 3: Lucy September 11, , 3: I am a whisker away from busting out the c word on this LW.

It will not take much to push me over the line. This girl was the definition of white trash. They are apparently still together, over 3 years later, and the way I look at is trash begets trash. Lily in NYC September 11, , 3: Of course I am generalizing, but they just want a person who makes them feel good about themselves and accepts them for who they are.

Who know why he picked her? Maybe you were critical and tried to get him to change. And you sound like a gossipy mean-girl. Skyblossom September 11, , 4: Men and women are often looking for different qualities in a partner. You said that he accused you of lying. Could he have found out something about you that made him feel you were dishonest? None of these things has anything to do with income or physical attractiveness but they can make or break a relationship. I think this is a legitimate question, maybe just worded the wrong way.

LW is seeing a pattern of ex-boyfriends of herself and her friends moving on with girls that are much different.

I Told My Ex Girlfriend I Still Love Her.. PRANK *SHE CRIED*

Or am I just a horrible person? I mean, seriously, who has never silently judged others? This girl just happened to write it down and send it in anonymously to an advice column, wanting to get some insight on her thoughts. Lily in NYC September 11, , 4: I think the difference is self-awareness. When I have silently judged someone, I always know it comes from a place of anger or insecurity. This was the latter.

So, I judge people. And it might not even be superficial. Maybe that person was sportier. Or maybe they just had more in common. They like who or what they like. For me, I was a pushover. It makes sense to me now, but at the time I was thinking about superficial things. Your letter comes across as very insecure, and lacking awareness. Carol September 11, , 4: I agree with pretty much every thing shared here. Sue Jones September 11, , 5: Sometimes a guy rebounds on the first easiest thing that comes along. Perhaps this girl was low hanging fruit.

I had a guy do this to me. And all of the women he cheated on me with were overweight with low self-esteem and had nothing else going on in their lives… they all seemed to clean houses for a living. Molly September 11, , 6: Maybe he has better chemistry with her? Maybe she has some inner qualities that he enjoys? Maybe that is the case here? OP, the former low earning single mom that married a great catch, my first instinct is to rip your ass apart; however the bread winning, calmer me is going to answer your question. She likely makes up for her short comings.

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She is claiming him, integrating him into her family, etc, instead of expecting him to do all the work and make all the moves. And that is why he chose her, dear. Norabb September 11, , 7: Funny wins me over every time. LW, What stuck me about this letter was how gossipy it felt. How on earth do you know fact from fiction? Everything you mentioned except for the weight sounded like middle school rumors. I mean word gets around town but most adults take these things at face value.

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  5. I think you need to spend less time on Facebook and more time getting to know people in person. It will also help your judgments to be more credible as they will be based on your own firsthand experience. After a while you may even be able to critically review yourself enough to attain some personal growth. Try it and good luck. First, I hope this letter is just you venting and that, like Drew said, you have not shared your views with anyone else, because it will only be bad for you.

    I hope you realize the way you talk about someone else reflects so much on you and I hope this is just an exaggerated vent. Second, I think you need to stop stalking him on FB, seriously.

    My ex boyfriend is dating an ugly girl i’m

    I used to be such a huge social media stalker, really disgusting. Third, who he is dating now is not a reflection on you, it has nothing to do with you really. After all, he broke up with you because it was not working. Does it really surprise you that he found someone so different?

    Maybe the timeframe is shady, but well, shit happens, people fall in love, whatever. Nookie September 12, , 6: Is anybody going to get mad at me if I tell the real reason this happens? The way to get a GF like that so quickly is to go for a less attractive girl that you know has had a crush on you.

    Rachel July 6, , 8: My ex posts on Tumblr that she is the love of his life, because he knows I see it. Just MOA and let him date whomever he chooses. Not everyone wants an equal partner, some people want to coast. Ali September 13, , You cannot make any decisions for yourself in life unless you have principals and standards and that necessitates making judgments and creating binaries. That said, why are so many people on this thread so self-congratulatory about being non-judgmental? I know everyone has read The Secret and everything, but the fact remains that prior to all this new age pretend positivity bullshit, we were all hardwired to have both positive AND negative feelings about everything in life, including other people.

    Those are judgments, guys. It sounds like this new gf does not compare to the LW on this basis, which has the LW feeling duped and upset at the unfairness of the situation. Blackwood September 14, , MissDre September 14, , 7: Ali September 16, , 5: We know nothing about the new girlfriend except what letter writer describes.

    The question LW asks is for insight in why a guy would break up with a great girl and then go several steps down. Its because her judgement process sucks. Its probably lw trying to make three or four months sound like more. That was the vibe I got. That she was still interested at this point. She finds out he has a new girl. She sounds like her ass is a few steps up from her head.

    LWs judging all the wrong stuff. As far as the description of the girlfriend go, I stand by my first post. You can tell someone is fat and wears heavy makeup. But the rest of that crap was just idle gossip and Facebook. This has nothing to do with the letter writer being better than anyone.

    We all make judgments but we take it context. Or who someone deserves. I would have been nicer to this letter writer but attitude begets attitude. Amy April 17, , 8: He is totally rebounding with the first person who gave him attention. It is the way she is making him feel. Unfortunately it is temporary and she will end up hurt by him when he leaves her. Let it play out while you stay calm and cool. Andi May 16, , 2: I can see where the original poster is coming from… im going through something similar. You can all jump down off the high horse right now.. Time has passed since the person LW originally posted.

    I hope they are in a happier place and in general have moved on from this bloke. I look to the person who hes chosen.. Ron May 16, , 7: Also, it continues to amaze me how posters can jump all over calling year old women girls and use the term piece or side-piece to refer to other women. A rather demeaning way to refer to other women. Sure you can, and so can OP.

    Anyway, this happened to me recently. He broke up with me for a stupid reason and freaked out less than a day later. I had secretly been wanting out of the relationship, so I ran. He snagged the first girl that would go out with him in an attempt to make me jealous. Just get a good laugh out of it and move on. LanaInCali August 30, , 5: Obviously, these guys here are mediocre, average to below average in looks and NOT hot guys and i. Your question is a real question. Looks mean A LOT. Men judge women allll the time, who. Nightclub wise, the unattractive fat friend is always left holding the purse while her pretty friends have all the fun.

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    7. Your answer, some men need time to grow.. Also, some men can. He can treat her how he wants she. Guy Friday September 20, , 8: Anonymous September 19, , Leslie Joan September 20, , 9: This whole thread is hilarious. And Baskin Robbins only serves one flavor of ice cream. You two are dating on different planets.

      Sandy November 7, , I guess that I am the only person who sympathises with the woman who wrote this letter — why do men go for inferior women? He broke up with me and started dating a woman who publicly called him a cheapskate on Facebook. Also she's fat and ugly. A person who trashes someone's appearance is pretty low in my book.

      A person who thinks herself superior because she has time and energy for working out and a high-powered career, unlike an exhausted single mother? In general, do people sometimes break up with one person and start dating someone else who seems a step down? Sure, and I get that it can be confusing to friends and family.

      So in that case, you ask them "hey what do you like about this person? Ron November 7, , 6: A sense oft a great superiority is difficult to live with. She is condescending toward her ex: Basically her pride is hurt, because she is the dumpee, rather than the dumper, when she thought she was dating a little below her league. This is just an extension of tying your personal, or at least dating, worth to how long your ex pines after a breakup, before getting on with life and seriously dating again.

      It is making the actions of someone who is no longer connected to you all about you. Nikki November 12, , 4: My partner I have beeb back together 2yrs now. Hes never admit he has a addiction but I no he does. Hes currently in prison as I speak. Anonymous November 23, , Some guys are just lame. Im not sure how I stumbled across this post.

      Know that this does not mean this other girl is unworthy in her own right; She has worth. It simply means that YOU are competitive. And that you have different standards than her. This is a something to be proud of in yourself, as this is your truth, but also know that it is fine if another person does not share those standards. So then, YOU have standards. You have alot to offer. And you liked this guy. But he did not like you. It feels like he choose her OVER you, right? I will show you this isnt about her vs you. First, there are a coupled things to understand.

      Guys like to feel needed. They like to feel they can bring something to the relationship. It sounds like, with this new girl, he has something he feels he can offer. And everyone in her family adores him! Understand too that he is also wounded, and he is probably very comfortable and safe right now. He doesnt have to invest so much energy with her, and she is easy. This is not an insult. Its just time to learn it about yourself and own it. I get that you are crying inside. This is how it feels, right? But he is not choosing her over you.

      And you cant because its not who you are.